Society Registration

Well-informed, decent, and responsible services for society registrations are among the significant ancillary services of ours full-fledged and globally prominent law firm based well in India. Not only all types of societies, but all other forms of NGOs also, like trusts and section-25 companies, are well-supported by us for their formation, registration, and management. Here, it may be beneficial to note that, our law firm offers legal services for all legal areas, essentially including the company law, labor and employment law, intellectual property law, media and entertainment law, commercial law, and so on. In ours this sumptuous and highly enlightening and productive article, we are offering detailed and discerning information about ours perfect and swift society registration services in all across India.

A society is a private non-governmental organization formed and managed by like-minded people and professionals, for certain developmental and social-welfare objectives. The Article 19 (1)(c) of the Constitution of India offers certain exclusive rights to its citizens regarding formation of such organizations with a view to serve other people of the society, in a variety of ways and activities. The societies are formed with diverse charitable and social welfare motives in the areas of rural education, vocational courses and training for employment generation, health and well-being, spreading awareness about diseases, environment, promotion of science and technology, community health and healthcare, arts and literature, infrastructural development, agricultural and horticultural advancement, and various other activities for social development and progress. Generally, societies have at least one private source of income for funding their developmental works; and these societies also support local and governmental agencies in implementation of various social development programmes and campaigns.

Society Registration Services in India

We offer the full-range of supportive services for perfect and expeditious society registration in india. Societies with diverse objectives are registered under the federal act of the Societies Registration Act of 1860, in all States and Union Territories of India. Every major State of India has a Registrar of Societies to register, regulate, and control societies of all types within the State jurisdiction. For formation of a society, the minimum number of members required is seven, and the maximum number of possible members to a society is left limitless. Our well-experienced and proficient attorneys provide all supporting and guiding services during the entire society registration process. Our punctilious and responsible services for society registration encompass the task of - well-informed and expert counsel over society formation, drafting the Memorandum of Association and the Rules and Regulations of the organization, and guidance on the preparation of all documentations related with the society registration and governance. These documents include - consent letters of all members of the managing committee, declaration letter committed to objectives of the society, affidavits sworn by the president and secretaries of the society, etc.

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