Patent Renewal

As the very name implies, patent renewal is the task of renew the validity and effectiveness of a registered invention, along with all the exclusive patent rights granted to the patentee within the jurisdiction concerned. This patent renewal is performed through filing the patent renewal application with the Controller of Patents in the relevant patent office, and remitting the prescribed patent renewal fees. In case, timely patent renewal is not made, the patent owner or patent holder is made bereft of the patent rights and the registered invention is declared invalid, thus, blocking the business (connected with the patented invention) of the inventor or patent holder completely and forever.

Hence, punctual patent renewal is pre-requisite for proper, hassle-free and reputed business in any fields of profession, business, or service. Our globally appreciated and popular law firm located in India has been offering patent renewal services to entities in all economic sectors established in India or other countries abroad. Ours patent renewal services are an ancillary service of ours full-service law firm, which has been providing the whole expanse of legal services to countries worldwide. Moreover, ours punctual and flawless patent renewal services are readily and reliably available for national and international patents in all economic fields. More information about this patent renewal and the patent renewal in india, is furnished in the section below, along with the whole patent renewal process.

Patent Renewal Services in India

For seamlessly continuation of valid patent registration and fully effective patent rights of the patentees in diverse economic sectors of India, we offer excellent and reliable patent renewal services to companies and industries located in all across the whole country. As in most of the countries of the world, the validity period of patent registrations in India is for twenty years from the date of grant of the patent rights or the date of patent registration, according to the recommendations of the WTO in 2005. Again, there are two different modes for patent renewal in India and other countries. These two modes are one-time advance payment for the entire validity period of the registered patent, and the yearly payment at the last of every successive year. Both these forms of remitting the patent renewal fees are utilized by ours proficient patent attorneys and lawyers.

All regional patent offices located in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai are contacted by us in connection with patent renewals of ours nationwide clients. The internationally registered patents of Indian entities are renewed under the regulations and instructions of the WTO, WIPO, EPO, and other patent organizations. The patent renewals are recommended to be made punctually within the expiration period of the patents; but in certain unusual and rare cases, there is given a grace period of six months after the due patent renewal date in India for patent renewal, along with convincing explanation and due penalty fees.

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