Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is made to fortify ownership on any new creation and acquire certain legitimate rights regarding the commercial uses and protection of the creation within the concerned jurisdiction. The materials and matters requiring copyright registrations in national or international jurisdiction are all types of literary works and creations, all types of sound recordings both audio and visual, photographic works and collections, choreographic works, multimedia objects, cinematographic works and creations, paintings and drawings, sculptural works and collections, engineering and architectural drawings and layouts, and various other materials. Proper and perfect copyright registration with the relevant domestic or international copyright office, provides certain exclusive rights to the owner of the copyrighted creation regarding the personal and commercial usage of the materials of the creation, commercial reproduction of the same, hiring and trading of the copyrighted matters, right to authorize any other person or entity for business uses of the registered materials, and right to take proper and rigorous measures against copyright infringements, within the jurisdiction of the copyright office. The copyrighted matters are vital and significant property of diverse entities in various economic fields. Hence, copyright registration services are of great importance, and therefore, all well-established law firms essentially provide these services, along with services in other areas of the law.

Copyright Registration Services

Ours globally well-known and reliable law firm well-based in India provides perfect and brisk copyright registration services for domestic and international copyright registrations worldwide. Excellent and lavish services for secured copyright registration online are also provided adroitly. Apart from ours impeccable and dependable copyright registration services in individual countries worldwide, ours well-informed and broadly experienced copyright attorneys also provide services for copyright registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, Universal Copyright Convention, and the Rome Convention. Our services for copyright registration include the task of offering well-informed and wise suggestions and editing for fully original, unique, and impeccable creation in any interested field; verifying its originality and acceptability through copyright searches; filing copyright application with any desired national or international copyright office; and then, offering copyright prosecution service for the best possible accuracy and security. Besides, copyrights, we serve all diverse intellectual property of people and entities involved in various economic sectors in India and other countries in all around the globe.

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