Patent Registration in Delhi

To our Indian and global visitors and clients, we are offering in this precious and exclusive article, highly creative and profitable information about ours exquisite and swift patent registration services in delhi. Ours highly progressive and well-experienced law firm based in Delhi, is presently one of the most popular and reputed law firms in India with immense worldwide prominence and repute. We offer proficient and impeccable legal services pertaining to all areas of the law in every part of India and the whole world, indispensably including the intellectual property law and rights.

Encompassing the national capital of the country New Delhi, Delhi (officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi) is the biggest commercial and industrial hub in the north India, and a hugely popular and preferred city in the whole world for commercial and professional establishments. Its neighboring cities coming under the National Capital Region (NCR) like Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, etc., are also progressing fast in almost all major and significant economic sectors. Today, the most developed and progressive sectors in Delhi and NCR are industrial manufacturing, information technology, retail, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, catering and hospitality, leisure and tourism, education, real estate and construction, and many others. Ours ingenious and expert services for perfect patent registration in delhi and ncr, cover these all economic sectors and all other rapidly flourishing economic fields.

Ours brisk patent registration services in delhi are offered in connection with the regional patent office located in Dwarka (sector-14) and strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations described in the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972. Besides patent registrations under this federal patent act of India, we also provide international patent registrations to entities located in Delhi and NCR under the TRIPS Agreement, PCT, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention, in order to facilitate their international or worldwide businesses. Our dedicated and responsible services during the patent registration process in delhi inevitably encompass the tasks of perfect finalization of the new invention in any desired field, patent search for checking uniqueness and originality and conducting patent infringement analysis, preparing sophisticated patent specification, completing and filing patent application in India or abroad, and offering elegant and effective patent prosecution for the safest and swift registration at the Indian or international patent office.

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