FCRA Registration

For any organization to get funds from any foreign sources, for its diverse developmental and social welfare activities, the fcra registration with the native government is essential. No amount of foreign contributions or grants could ever be received without obtaining proper and perfect registration under the foreign contribution (regulation) act of the concerned domestic country. The ultimate objectives of this act are to facilitate easy acquiring of foreign grants to an entity, and to ensure that the specified fund is used strictly and properly in carrying out the declared developmental works. Along with exquisite, responsible, and economical legal services in countries worldwide, ours globally distinguished law firm of India, also offers perfect and swift fcra registration services in India and other countries abroad. All major, vital, and significant legal areas are expertly and responsibly handled by ours internationally acclaimed attorneys and vibrant lawyers. So far, societies, trusts, and other forms of NGOs forming a large number, and active in India and abroad, have received ours superb services for fcra registrations. Here, it may be mentioned that our law firm has been providing services for formation and registration of all diverse forms of NGOs in countries worldwide. In this particular article, we are extending detailed information about our excellent and dependable services for fcra registration in india, in the following section.

FCRA Registration Services in India

Since May 2011 in India, fcra registrations are made as per the rules and regulations given in the new Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act of 2010. To societies, trusts, section-25 companies, and other forms of NGOs located and active in places all across the whole country, we have been offering expert and swift services for fcra registrations during the whole fcra registration process. Now, for an fcra registration the applicant entity has to apply for the same through the Form FC-3. The online fcra registration facilities are also available. In general, the most common documents to be submitted to the FCRA Wing, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government of India, are - certificate of registration, MOA and AOA of the organization, well-audited financial accounts for last three consecutive years, a newly opened fresh bank account for handling foreign funds, letters of the prospective foreign donors, tax exemption certificates, information about the works to be performed using the specified foreign grants, and necessary details about the organization and its works in last several years.

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