Patent Search

The main and ultimate aim of Patent Search is to check and verify the originality, uniqueness, and prompt patentability of the new invention in any interested economic field. The patent search is essentially conducted by the patent registration office, but, it is recommended to perform privately by the applicant, in order to facilitate the entire patent registration process. Such prescription for prior patent search before filing the patent application is elegant for averting rejection of proposed invention by the concerned patent office at domestic or international level. Thus, patent search is indispensable and highly significant task or process pivotally connection with registration of any new invention. Hence, we are in this article offering refined information about patent search in India and abroad, and ours exquisite and swift patent search services for patent registration worldwide. Today, ours this trustworthy service is well-adorned with patent search online. Here, it deserves to be mentioned that ours law firm is a highly progressive and reputed legal firm in India with wide-ranging repute in international jurisdictions worldwide. We offer the whole expanse of legal services to people and all types of entities located in India and other countries in all across the entire world.

Patent Search Services

Ours well-informed, adroit, and responsible patent search services are available truly economically for all various types of new inventions in all professional, commercial, industrial, and service fields. Moreover, these dependable and flawless patent search services, inevitably including the online patent searches, are performed in national and international jurisdictions worldwide. In India, ours prompt and expert patent search services are provided in connection with the desired regional patent office in India, located in the cities of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. While at international level, our superb and secured patent search services are connected with PCT, Berne and Paris Convention, TRIPS Agreement, and the European Patent Convention. During patent search, ours expert and innovative patent attorneys of international repute go through the databases of all previously registered inventions and patents, and all filed patent applications seeking registration, with the concerned patent office. Here, it may be noted that, patent search is a serious and responsible task, and therefore, must be conducted thoroughly, scrupulously, intelligently, and confidentially, in order to keep the precious invention secret and fully secured, and avoid rejection of patent application by the relevant patent office in any national or international jurisdiction.

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