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Expert and responsible legal services for firm registration for doing a profession or business in any interested economic field, are fundamental and vital part of ours all legal services in India and countries worldwide. These firms include diverse types of companies, NGOs, and other entities in the professional, commercial, and service sectors. But, in this article, we are giving exclusive information about our services for company registrations. Ours broadly experienced and reputed law firm has been offering well-informed and flawless services for firm registration in india and abroad for a long enriching period, for doing secure and profitable business in interested economic fields at national and international levels. Our excellent and swift firm registration services cover all commonly prominent and popular types of companies, inevitably including the private limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability companies, unlimited companies, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. On behalf of foreign companies and investors, we help them in the establishment of their branch offices, project offices, liaison offices, or representative offices in any targeted country. For firm registration in india, detailed and highly informative content is being given in the following section.

Firm Registration Services in India

In every part of India, ours expert firm registration services are perfectly and responsibly delivered, under rules and regulations of the Companies Act of 1956, and other Acts. All above-mentioned categories of companies and firms for doing business in the professional, business and commercial, industrial, and the service sectors, are supported comprehensively and proficiently for proper and swift registration of those. Moreover, our services are offered during the whole firm registration process. The firm registration process encompasses the following tasks and activities - well-informed and prudent selection of the most suitable form of a company as per one's available resources, objectives, and priorities; choosing appropriate names for the proposed company, and thereafter getting governmental approval to these; guiding in obtaining DINs, DPINs, DSCs, TAN, etc.; drafting elegant and visionary MOA and AOA or the LLP Agreement; getting mandatory approval from regulatory and governmental authorities for company registration; filing all applications along with necessary documents with the concerned ROC or MCA; and then, obtaining certificate of company registration, and the certificate for business commencement in the case of a public limited company.

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