Patent Registration in Ahmedabad

One of the major, heavily populated, and constantly expanding cities of India, is Ahmedabad. Once worldwide famous as the Manchester of the East, Ahmedabad is now fast progressing in diverse economic fields, besides the textile and garment sector. Therefore, Ahmedabad does deserve our expert, swift and economical legal services for its well-rounded economic development and prosperity. Presented below are all about excellent and prompt patent registration in ahmedabad.

Our elegant and exquisite patent registration services in ahmedabad cover all well-developed fields of its economy, and other fast progressing fields; essentially including the fields of agriculture, information technology, textile and garment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. All types of inventions (both product and process patents) in these fields are registered and regulated by rules and regulations contained in the Indian Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972, and all amendments made thereto so far. Here, it may be noted that this federal patent act of India is now highly sophisticated and refined and is in close harmony with most of the globally recognized patent laws. To promote and facilitate international and worldwide businesses of companies located in Ahmedabad, we also help them in acquiring international patent registrations under the PCT, TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Again, all desired services during the whole patent registration process in ahmedabad are punctiliously and expertly offered by our mellow and considerate patent attorneys. These services are - expert and wise suggestions for creating and closing of the invention, originality and patentability checks through censorious and discerning patent searches, making of unique and impeccable patent specification, filing patent application, and then presenting punctual and effective patent prosecution in the Indian or international patent office. All patent registrations on behalf of companies and all types of entities located in Ahmedabad, are performed, regulated, and controlled by the following zonal patent office:

The Patent Office Branch, Mumbai.
Baudhik Sampada Bhawan (Intellectual Property Building),
Near Antop Hill Post Office, Sheik Mistry Road (S. M. Road),
Antop Hill, Mumbai - 400037 (India)

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