Patent Opposition

Patent Opposition is raising strong objection to registration of or grating of patent rights to any faulty and objectionable invention of other entity, within the relevant jurisdiction. This rigorous patent opposition could be pre-grant patent opposition or the post-grant patent opposition. Ours full - service legal firm of worldwide prominence offers elegant and rigorous services for both these categories of patent oppositions in India and abroad. The entire expanse of legal services related with patents is provided proficiently and economically by our well-based law firm in India, including these patent opposition services at national and international levels worldwide. At international level, ours proficient patent opposition services relate to the inventions and patents to be registered or have been registered recently under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty, and the European Patent Convention. The patent opposition is advisable and beneficial for securing the unique identity, efficiency, and reputation of a registered invention, in order to boost the progress of the business and overall profitability of the same based on the patented invention. So far, ours well-informed and ingenious patent attorneys and litigators have helped a great many companies in diverse fields in securing unique prominence and reputation of their patents at national and international levels.

Patent Opposition Services in India

This patent opposition in india is carried out according to the provisions described in the section-25 of the Patents Act of 1970. Well-drafted application for a pre-grant patent opposition is to be punctually forwarded within a period of six months from the date of the first publication of the invention to be registered, in the patent office journal. And, objections to the post-grant patents are to be made within one year after the grant of patent rights connected with any recently registered invention notified in the journal. The opponent will have to justify his/her objections with proper and convincing evidences against the alleged invention. Generally, these objections are made on the basis of - doubtful originality and authenticity, serious infringement upon the registered invention of the opponent, illegal encroachment upon the intellectual property of others, faulty and imperfect representation of facts and figures, possibility of harm to users or consumers, concealment of genuine biological sources, etc. Application for patent opposition is to be filed with any relevant regional patent office of India. The controller of patents will then follow the patent opposition process described in the Indian patents Act, and may constitute an opposition board for the best resolution.

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