Patent Prosecution

Patent Prosecution is elegant, fruitful, and wise interaction with the officials of the concerned patent office, regarding registration of a filed patent application, or refinement in any existing patented invention, or any other patent related proceedings. Thus, patent prosecution can be a pre-grant patent prosecution or the post-grant patent prosecution. Here, it may be noted that the patent infringement litigation does not come under the gamut of patent prosecution. For ingenious, expert, and effective patent prosecution, a well-experienced and reliable patent attorney is commonly recommended, as it involves special and wide-ranging knowledge and information in the field of patents, and about the laws and regulations of the national and international patent offices.

Our richly and variedly experienced law firm located in India offers the full expanse of legal services regarding patents in all fields, including the ancillary service for patent prosecution in India and abroad. At international level worldwide, our intelligent and rigorous patent prosecution services are provided in relation to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Our elegant and dedicated services for patent prosecution are offered in connection with patent registration of our clients and also independently and specifically. The patent prosecution process proceeds as per the rules and regulations of the concerned patent office, which are published regularly in its manuals.

Patent Prosecution Services in India

One of the widely prominent and leading law firms of India, ours innovative and punctilious law firm offers the complete broad-range of services for patent prosecution in india, in every part of the country. Ours well-learned, discerning, and innovative patent attorneys extend patent prosecution services in connection with patent registrations and grant of due patent rights to their clients, amendment or refinement in the existing registered inventions of their clients, and patent oppositions on behalf of their clients. They represent their Indian clients in any desired part of India at the relevant regional patent offices, and also in international jurisdictions under the above-specified patent treaties and conventions.

Here, it may be mentioned that ours well-resourced and trustworthy law firm offers punctilious, responsible, and expert services for patents in India and abroad, under the broad categories of patent registrations, patent oppositions, patent watch and monitoring, patent infringement analysis, patent prosecutions, patent dispute resolution through ADR, hiring and trading of patents, and patent infringement litigations. Other objects of intellectual property namely, copyrights, trademarks and service marks, industrial designs, and geographical indications, are also adroitly served by ours ingenious and innovative law firm in India and abroad.

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