Design Registration

Industrial Designs are a vital and sumptuous part of intellectual property owned by companies and entities engaged in diverse industrial, professional, and commercial fields. Hence, our punctilious and reputed law firm inseparably offers the whole range of legal services for design registrations in India and other countries situated in all around the world. In addition to domestic design registrations in individual countries, we expertly provide design registrations at international level under the Hague Agreement, TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Union's Community Designs.

Here, it is noteworthy that designs are essential for optimization and enhancement of efficiency of the products, aesthetic appearances of these, convenience and comfort to users, versatile uses of the products, and maximal usefulness and durability of the products. Therefore, the majority of industries and companies in various economic fields inherently utilize designs for production and packaging of their diligently produced or manufactured products and objects. Ours globally appreciated design registration services are offered sweepingly to entities in all industrial, commercial, and professional fields located in India and abroad. The design registration process is described separately in the section below, that offers comprehensive and precious information about ours impeccable design registration in india.

Design Registration Services in India

In all parts of India, ours expeditious design registration services are provided under the federal Designs Act of 2000 and the Designs Rules of 2001. Applications for design registrations are filed with the Controller of Designs in the relevant regional design registry office. For proper and perfect design registration, the proposed design must have certain qualities. The most important of these essential and preferred qualities are originality and uniqueness in shape, contour, or pattern; clearly perceptible to the naked eyes; able to be used or sold independently as an individual product; capable of produced conveniently and efficiently through mass production; and must not be identical or objectionably similar to any object or creation registered under the Indian Trade Marks Act or the Copyright Act.

Ours well-learned and adept intellectual property attorneys and design attorneys extend ingenious and dedicated services for registration of designs during the whole design registration process in India and abroad. The most significant tasks during this process are - selection of the perfect and impeccable design as per requirements and objectives; confirmation of its uniqueness and originality through discerning design registration searches; presenting the design invention in an elegant and sophisticated way, along with all illustrations and drawings; filing design application in India or abroad; and then extending rigorous prosecution to prompt and safest registration.

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