Patent Infringement

Stealing materials used in the registered invention of others for creating one’s own invention, or making commercial uses of the registered inventions of other entities, or any other illegal uses of patented inventions by any unauthorized person or entity, all these instances come under patent infringement. The patent infringement cases are many and diversified in nature, and are present everywhere in the world. Again, these patent infringement cases affect adversely businesses and professions in various economic sectors. Therefore, we indispensably provide services against such patent infringement cases in countries worldwide, both at national and international levels. Ours well-acquainted and vastly experienced patent attorneys and litigators offer patent infringement services for patents registered under Berne and Paris Convention, PCT, TRIPS Agreement, and the European Patent Convention, at the international level worldwide. Ours galloping and glamorous law firm well-based in India has been extending the full expanse of legal services related with all legal disciplines in countries located in all around the globe, essentially and inseparably including the intellectual property law and rights. Our refined and rigorous services against patent infringement in india are portrayed in the following section.

Patent Infringement Services in India

All developed and progressive economic fields of India are benefited by ours patent infringement services in all across the whole country. Here, it may also be noted that, patent infringement not only humiliates and harms the established reputation of the company, but also lowers the overall profitability of the business in any specified field. To Indian companies and other entities we offer legal support and services against such infringement cases in domestic and international jurisdictions. The patent infringement process for resolving and tackling patent infringements, includes the legal services for gathering practical and convincing evidences against infringers, searching solutions through ADR, or filing patent infringement lawsuit, presenting effective advocacy for prompt injunction on further infringement activities, representing and advocating for our client during court hearings and trials, and then, receiving due compensations from the infringer for the damaged caused by him to the business of our client. For patents, ours broad range of services serves patent registrations in India and abroad, patent oppositions, patent watch and monitoring, and patent infringement litigations. Today, ours amply experienced and efficient law firm is one of the hugely popular law firms in India with legal services worldwide.

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