Patent Registration in Pune

One of the major cities of India, historic Pune is a fast flourishing and the second biggest city in the giant State of Maharashtra after glamorous Mumbai. Situated on the west coast on the Deccan Plateau, and popularly known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune is now progressing fast in the sectors of higher education, automotive, information technology, manufacturing, glass, forging, and other sectors. Hence, Pune has become a perfect and preferred place to avail ours full expanse of legal services related with all major and vital legal areas, inseparably including the intellectual property rights and thus patents. Provided in this article is exclusive and lavish information about patent registration in pune.

Our efficient and expeditious patent registration services in pune, cover all well-developed and fast progressing economic fields of the city, essentially encompassing the above-mentioned fields. Today, Pune is expanding fast with development in several other emerging industrial and commercial fields. Consequently, booming Pune has become the ninth biggest city of India, with the sixth greatest per capita income in the entire country. All types of product and process related inventions in all professional, commercial, industrial, and other fields of Pune are handled expertly and flawlessly by ours refined and innovative patent attorneys, during the whole patent registration process in pune. These inventions are registered and controlled according the rules, provisions, and regulations given in the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972. Apart from domestic patent registrations under this federal patent act, companies and other entities located in Pune, are also well-served by ours internationally reputed patent attorneys for their international patent registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, PCT, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. These patent registrations for companies situated in Pune, are guided and governed by the following office:

The Patent Office Branch, Mumbai.
Baudhik Sampada Bhawan (Intellectual Property Building),
Near Antop Hill Post Office, Sheik Mistry Road (S. M. Road),
Antop Hill, Mumbai - 400037 (India)
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