LLP Registration

Along with the private limited companies, and public limited companies, the limited liability companies are extensively famous and popular in countries all across the world. In some countries, the limited liability companies are more prominently known as the limited liability partnership (LLP) firms, for example, in India. Therefore, as a full-fledged and reputed law firm of India, our progressive and expert law firm also provides excellent and swift services for registration of limited liability companies in nations situated all over the world.

The limited liability company is very suitable for combining financial and entrepreneurial initiative of one or more partners and technical and commercial information and expertise of other partners of the proposed LLC. This form of company too commands perpetual legal existence as the limited companies, and offers certain advantages of both partnership firms and corporations. Moreover, formation of this type of company is quite simple and easy, with just two partners at a minimum. And, there is no recommended amount of minimum capital investment by the partners. These facts make LLCs rather popular and preferred for business establishments in the world over.

LLP Registration Services in India

For llp registration in india the predominant law applicable is the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008, taking necessary guidance from the paramount Companies Act of 1956. For llp registration, ours expert company law attorneys offer the full range of legal and supporting services during the entire llp registration process in every part of India. For llp registration all correspondence are made with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, or the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in the relevant State.

Our proficient and responsible llp registration services cover filing and processing of all necessary applications and preparation of all relevant documents. In this connection significant forms are Form-1, Form-7, Form-2 and Form-4, and Form-3. Form-1 is used for getting approval and reservation of the proposed names of the company; while the Form-7 is used for acquiring DPINs and DSCs. Form-2 and Form-4 provide all information about the location, objectives, partners, and other information about the company. And, the Form-3 gives detailed information about the administration and management of the companies through its LLP Agreement.

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