PCT Filing

The PCT Filing is filing of a patent application for proper registration under the globally recognized and renowned Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The patent cooperation treaty was ambitiously established in the year 1970, and is operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Today, this globally famous patent treaty has over 150 contracting countries located in all across the world. The pct filing gives an elegant and standardized process for acquiring patent registration and protection in any one or all of its contracting countries, to promote international and worldwide businesses.

The whole expanse of legal services for patents in all related economic sectors are significant part of ours the complete range of legal services (connected with all legal areas) offered to Indian and foreign people and entities. For doing international businesses, ours pct filing services are highly beneficial, and have been availed of by myriads of entities so far. Along with services for pct filing, we also offer expert legal services in connection with TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention, in order to facilitate the worldwide businesses of our Indian and global clients pertaining to almost all economic sectors.

PCT Filing Services in India

Providing the all-encompassing gamut of legal services in all across the country, we inevitably offer decent and dependable services for pct filing in india. These highly appreciated services for pct filing are provided in addition to the domestic patent registrations under the federal Patents Act of 1970. The pct filing process comprises of filing well-drafted patent application at the receiving office under PCT, and then prosecuting for patent registration and protection in the targeted country party to this treaty. Generally, after 30 months of critical examination from the date of patent application filing at the receiving office, the patent application enters into the national phase. For drafting patent application for registration with pct, there are certain specific rules, regulations, and recommendations to be incorporated in the patent specification.

Our globally renowned law firm well-based in India has several well-experienced and mellow patent attorneys adept in pct filing on behalf of companies and entities located in countries worldwide. The national phase of the pct application is also very arduous one and requires proper and punctual handling. For pct filing in india and other countries abroad, we offer the whole range of legal and supporting services, ranging from the best and perfect creation of the new invention, and patent specification drafting, to pct patent filing and rigorous patent prosecution in international and national phases.

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