Patent Protection

Broadly, the Patent Protection encompasses all activities, tasks, and processes employed to avert infringement upon, misappropriation of, and all types of commercial misuses of the registered invention, within the concerned jurisdiction. It must be noted that patent protection is essential and recommended for full safety of the registered invention, optimally best profitability of the concerned business, and total protection from incidents like patent oppositions or patent infringement litigations. The unique prominence and reputation of the patented products or services is also fortified well by patent protection. Hence, our ambitious and innovative law firm of global repute, offers vigilant and responsible services for patent protection in all across India and other countries abroad. Ours impeccable and economical services for patent protection in india are explained apart in the lower section. Again, our patent protection services are available for patents in all related economic fields, and both for domestic and international levels. Patents registered under all globally renowned patent treaties and conventions like TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention, are expertly protected by ours proficient and well-seasoned patent attorneys.

Patent Protection Services in India

Ours whole patent protection process in India or abroad including services for patent watch at national or international level, market observation and investigation, patent infringement analysis, patent opposition, and patent infringement litigation. These patent protection services are provided for both national and international patents in various economic fields. For patent protection in india, all regional patent offices located in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai are looked over. The patent watch is performed to ensure that no inventions similar to the registered inventions of our clients are being registered within India at any present and future point of time. In case, there is observed that any invention of other entity matching strikingly and seriously with the registered invention of ours any client, we resolve the issue through ADR or patent opposition. Market survey enables us to detect cases of duplicity and infringements connected with the patents of our clients in their business or professional fields. In such cases, resolution is achieved through patent infringement litigations. Thus, on the whole, we do every action to ensure the unique prominence and popularity of the products or services of our clients, and fortify their well-established reputation in the Indian and international marketplace.

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